What's the quickest way to get an international driver's license while abroad?.

What's the quickest way to get an international driver's license while abroad ?

Fastest way to obtain your IDP or IDL.

    The International Driver’s Permit is not a driver’s license nor a government document. It is issued as a verification of your equivalent driving privilege in a visiting country based on your home country’s drivers license. The IDP is issued by an authorized agency in each home country which has entered into the 1949 Convention on Road Traffic and is recognized in many countries that are not signatories to the Convention.
    If you are a license holder of any other country and are living abroad, you can apply to the International driver license application via http://IDLTrip.com website and it will ship the IDL to you by post or courier. It will also verify if your original license is eligible for an IDL and in what country you can use it.
    You will be happy to know that getting an international drivers permit is simple. Just complete a few simple steps and pay a small fee in order to obtain this license for your own personal use. You must be an adult 18 years of age or older to obtain the permit. In addition, you must have a valid driver's license from your home country. The license must have been issued at least six months prior to the request of the international license. You are ineligible for the license if you haven't a license in your country of origin or if it has been less than six months' since that license was obtained.



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quickest way to get international driver's license