Guide to Driving in Belgium

Rules and driving tips. Getting your Belgian driver's license.Important documents.

Guide to Driving in Belgium.


Guide to Driving in Belgium


When driving on Belgian roads it is useful to know some of the basic rules and regulations to help you drive safely and to avoid getting fines.Here are some rules and driving tips that you should be aware of before you start driving in Belgium:

  • In Belgium, they drive on the right-hand side of the road.
  • Wearing of seat belts is required for all passengers.
  • Children under 18 and less than 1.35 m must use a suitable child-restraint system whether seated in the front or rear seat of a vehicle. A child under 3 years old can’t be transported in a vehicle without a child seat/restraint. It is prohibited to use a rear-facing child seat on a front seat with a frontal airbag unless it is deactivated.
  • The maximum permitted level of alcohol in the bloodstream is 0.049%.
  • Dipped headlights should be used in poor daytime visibility.
  • It is illegal to use a phone without a hands-free kit while driving in Belgium. A hand-held phone can be used in a stationary vehicle but not where the vehicle is stationary at traffic lights or in a traffic jam.
  • The minimum age for driving is 18 years of age.
  • Third-party car insurance is required. The police can impound an uninsured vehicle.


A street in Bruges.


Getting your Belgian driver's license


To apply for a Belgian driver’s license or to exchange your licence for a Belgian one, you need to go to the town hall of the city you are registered in. To get the process started, you can register at your local commune office .

The validity of your driver’s license in Belgium depends on your country of origin. Some foreigners in Belgium must exchange their licence for a Belgian one, some may exchange it if they wish, and others will need to take a full driving test (theory and practical) in order to get a Belgian driving licence.

Note: The minimum age for driving is 18 years in Belgium. People under the age of 18 with a valid US driver's license may not drive in Belgium until they are 18.




Important documents


It is compulsory to carry a driving licence, car registration papers and insurance documents in the car (Dutch, EU and International Driving Licences are accepted).

If you have an old style all green licence it is recommended, but not required, that you obtain the IDP for Italy and Spain.

An IDP is not a substitute for a full UK driving licence, but is an additional document to be used alongside your driving licence.

International Driving Permits (often referred to as an International Driver's License) are available to people over the age of 18. An IDP/ IDL is valid for either 12 months or 3 years (depending on type of IDP) from the date of issue.